We can offer this because BKL Advance is part of BKL, a wider group of experienced specialists and a leading accounting and tax firm.

Our Service

For us, outsourcing your finance function is less about what we take out of your business than what we put in; not so much about functions as how we, as experienced advisers, work with you and your team.

Our three-part formula for high quality support:

Built on technology

Your platform for growth

We choose the best software and apps to streamline your processes and help take your business forward.

Our core system for BKL Advance clients is Xero, the leading online accounting software. We work closely with Xero as one of their Platinum Partner firms.

Our relationship with Xero means we can offer the highest level of support with this versatile tool and its specialised integrated apps, including:

  • Datamolino for importing invoices into Xero
  • Telleroo for same-day bulk payments

To provide aggregated business insights, we’ve developed our own BKL Advance reporting hub.

BKL Advance: outsourced finance - technology

Our cloud accounting specialists can help you with:

  • Xero transfers: ensuring that moving your people and your data a cloud-based accounting system is as efficient and stress-free as possible.
  • Third party apps: recommending and setting you up with the best apps from Xero’s App Store to integrate directly into your account and supporting smarter working.
  • Software training: Personalised guidance for you and your team, sharing best practice and tips for dealing with complex transactions.
  • Customised reporting: working with you to understand your accounting system and set up reports or alternative workflows, connecting you with the key information you need to make sound management decisions.

We’re dedicated to making sure that tech does what it’s meant to do: save you time. Time you can then invest in growing your business.

Driven by data

Numbers you can trust; insights you can use

Providing and interpreting real-time information to help you make key decisions about the future.

For us, better understanding of your business means better support for you. A key part of that is analysing data. We’re too curious not to.

Technology, the right software for the job, is the foundation. Our people then apply an expert eye. Finally, we present our insights to you: not just through documents but in meetings, as a conversation. We do this in a way that you’ll find useful.

Led by people

We're business experts but above all, we're human

Cutting-edge software, insightful data and detailed reports can enhance a growing business, but they don’t lead it. People do. For their ideas and ambitions to become reality, they need experts they can trust to help them take their business forward.

As clients of BKL Advance, you and your team will be working with human beings who want to give you more than just corporate jargon. We care about getting to know you and helping you explore challenges and opportunities for your business.

Within our business services team of over 50 people, you’ll be able to build relationships not just with your BKL Advance CFO contact but with a ‘pod’: a close-knit group who know your business in detail and are all ready and able to support you when you need them.

We take pride in being more than just your accountant.