Jason Appel

Jason Appel

Virtual CFO: Property and Construction

Expert guidance for residential property developers and other businesses

A trusted business adviser, Jason understands the importance of being approachable. Valued for his reliable and friendly nature, he assures clients that “there is no such thing as a stupid question”.

Jason also appreciates the complex issues which growing businesses may encounter, especially in the property sector. He ensures that deals and reorganisations are properly structured and accurately recorded.

Within the property sector, Jason specialises in bespoke, comprehensive support for:

  • Owners and developers of residential property
  • Owners and developers of student accommodation

Jason is dedicated to helping property businesses to:

  • Understand the taxes that affect their deals, including VAT, stamp duty, capital gains and corporation tax
  • Use efficient structures for tax planning and risk
  • Get the details right

Jason's Key Skills

  • Reliable, friendly approach
  • 20 years of accounting and tax experience
  • Trusted adviser to growing owner-managed businesses, including large groups
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