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The life of a developing business holds a mix of opportunities and challenges. To meet them with confidence, business owners need to know how to take the right path at the right time.

Strategic guidance, from experts who’ve supported businesses like yours, will help you turn your ambition into action.

We understand how forward-thinking direction, from an adaptable adviser working closely with a business’s leadership team, can make a difference to its growth.

In collaborating with you, we bring everything that the term Chief Financial Officer implies: senior-level experience, insight and support.

We know that your needs and goals will evolve as your business progresses. That’s why we’ll be flexible in how we support you at every stage.

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Building valuable businesses

  • Revenue maximisation and diversification
  • Gross margin improvement
  • Overhead optimisation
  • Supply chain management
  • Employee engagement
  • Marketing, PR & customer service
  • Business process improvement
  • Governance and risk management
  • Business planning and reporting
  • Capital structure optimisation
  • Operational cash management
  • Asset financing and management
  • New geographical markets
  • Products and services diversification
  • Alternative routes to market
  • Digital transformation
  • Market mapping / target acquisition
  • Due diligence
  • Deal management
  • Post acquisition planning and implementation
  • Annual exit plan update
  • Familiarity with target buyers
  • Relationship with sale advisors
  • Quality of earnings
  • Tax structuring and complicance

Because BKL Advance is part of BKL, you’ll also have access to specific expertise from our wider team whenever you need it, such as our corporate finance specialists and tax consultants.