If you own and manage a growing business, you may feel that you need to be at a certain stage or size to warrant recruiting a CFO. We hear this a lot among growing businesses – that their finances aren’t complex enough to justify the cost.

With BKL Advance, you and your team will benefit from value-adding expertise equivalent to a highly experienced CFO or FD: not just financial but commercial, strategic, and operational expertise too. These are the ingredients you need to rapidly grow your business without the expense of hiring someone full-time.

We offer specialist experience, value for money and an approachable human understanding at the same time. We know that clients benefit from that combination and we’re experts at providing it.

Our CFO service is backed by our range of outsourced business services, supporting your day-to-day needs and your longer-term plans. You and your colleagues will have a dedicated ‘pod’ of people at BKL supporting you: you won’t have to rely solely on one contact. Everyone in your pod will get to know your business, listening and bringing ideas.

As well as being easy to get hold of, we put ourselves forward. Insight meetings are a key part of our service. Every quarter – or more regularly if you prefer – we’ll get together with you to discuss the business: how we can help you to address any issues, improve performance and achieve your objectives. You’re investing time in building your business; as your advisers, we’re here to be a part of that.

Six key advantages of our CFO service:

Strategic analysis and support

Helping you to set broader strategic goals, both financial and non-financial.

Sounding board

Using our relationship with you to act as a trusted adviser and critical friend, helping you to solve challenges that, as a business owner, you would otherwise be facing alone.

Wide-ranging industry experience

Access to our experience of working across multiple sectors, plus our contacts and networks who can help you further.

Communications with stakeholders

Improving the efficiency and quality of reports to the board of directors and any outside investors.

Mentorship for finance teams

Guidance for your business’s internal accounts/finance team. This includes support for evolving roles and transitional periods for new team members.

Flexibility and cost saving

Tailoring our service to provide the specific CFO support you need, when you need it. This flexibility means more affordability than a full-time CFO.